Home Produce & Horticulture

All exhibits will be taken in the Showground on Saturday 27th July 6pm -8pm
Prizes: 1st €8, 2nd €5 & 3rd €3

Flower Section Entry Fee €3

Class 1: Rose of the show (one stem)
Class 2: Patio Container, An exhibition of growing plants. Container not to exceed 80cmx80cm
Class 3: A Flowering house plant (incl geranium) Hickey perpetual Cup
Class 4: A Window Box, An exhibition of growing plants. Container not to exceed 1m in length
Class 5: Gladioli in vase (Different Colours)
Class 6: Vase of Dahlias, 3 blooms.
Class 7 Centre Piece Arrangement.

Home Baking

Class 8: Six Queen Cakes Plain or Fruit
Class 9: Apple / Rhubarb Tart – Kitty Courtney Perpetual Cup
Class 10: White Soda Bread
Class 11: 4 Egg Sponge Sandwich, Butter filling, not iced
Class 12: Traditional Brown Soda Bread
Class 13: Madeira Cake
Class 14: Chocolate / Coffee Cake
Class 15: Decorated Cheesecake
Class 16: 4 Scone Plain or Fruit
Class 17: Biscuit Cake
Class 18: Boiled Fruit Cake


Class 19: 3 Beetroots with stalks (not cooked)
Class 20: Best 3 Carrots
Class 21: Best head of Lettuce
Class 22: Best head of Cabbage
Class 23: Tray of Mixed Fruit, Vegetables & Herbs (6 Items max)
Class 24: Dish of 6 Tomatoes
Class 25: Best 6 Potatoes (Not Cooked)
Class 26: 3 Stalks of Rhubarb
Class 27: 3 Onion Sets
Class 28: 3 Turnips
Class 29: 6 Duck Eggs
Class 30: 6 Hen Eggs (White)
Class 31: 6 Hen Eggs (Brown)
Class 32: Best one pound pot of Marmalade
Class 33: Best one pound pot of Blackcurrant Jam
Class 34: Best one pound pot of Strawberry Jam
Class 35: Any pound pot of Jam any variety not already specified
Class 36: Best 3 Sods of Turf

Needle work Section

Class 37: Any Article of Craftwork incl crochet pieces


Class 38: Best Photo incl Countryside, Animals and Pets


Class 39: Best Childs Painting
Class 40: Best Amateur Painting

Children Section Entry €2

Prizes 1st €5, 2nd €3 & 3rd Rosette
Age Categories are 4-8 and 8-12
Class 41: Selection of 6 named wild flowers in your favourite container
Class 42: Five Pansies on a plate – Callie Connolly Perpetual Cup
Class 43: Four Decorated Queen Cakes
Class 44: Child Decorated Cake
Class 45: Decorated Loo/Kitchen Roll
Class 46: Pasta Picture/Craft Creation
Class 47: Decorated Hard Boiled egg displayed in an egg cup
Class 48: Christmas Tree Decoration
Class 49: Childs Photograph
Class 50: Decorated Fairy House/Garden
Class 51: Competition of Schools

Classes confined to Day Care Centres Entry Fee €3
Prizes: 1st €5, 2nd €3 & 3rd Rosette

Class 52: Any Article of Craftwork
Class 53: Any Knitted Article

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